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Our lawyers are dedicated to helping businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals deal with legal issues. We help assist businesses with their vulnerabilities and opportunities to guide them in their business decisions, including business expansion through acquisitions or creating a business succession plan. Along with our concentration in business law, we proudly help families create estate plans which ensure the most tax benefits while securing family legacy.

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Our lawyers are dedicated to helping businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals deal with legal issues. We help assist businesses with their vulnerabilities and opportunities to guide them in their business decisions, including business expansion through acquisitions or creating a business succession plan. In addition to our concentration in business law, we proudly help individuals and families create estate plans, which ensure the most tax benefits, while securing your family legacy.

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Your business not only provides your living, but is a source of pride. One of the most satisfying things as a business attorney is being a partner in a business from formation to succession

Businesses typically take two paths: grow to sell or grow to buy. Those are two very distinct paths. What is your business plan? We can help you figure out the best plan for your business and get you set-up to achieve those goals.

Most businesses need some legal contracts in place. These can include non-disclosure agreements, force majeure, general contracts, contract disputes, breach of contract, and business compliance.

Selling your business can be stressful. We help to streamline the process by creating a solid agreement between the seller and the buyer. A business sale agreement has many facets, and it is critical the documents are created and/or reviewed by a lawyer who is experienced in business law.

Having extensive experience in business law, I have learned to see things from both sides of the table. While that may seem counterintuitive, it is critical in understanding the issues at hand. Conflicts in business happen everyday for a multitude of reasons. Hiring a neutral third party to help you negotiate a fair and equitable settlement is oftentimes much less expensive than spending years fighting and risking a judge deciding the eventual outcome/

If you are considering buying a business, it is important to talk to an experienced business attorney. We help guide people every day who need help buying a business. Reviewing contracts, developing non-compete clauses, ensuring the business is viable and knowing market value are all things we can help you evaluate. Contact us today to discuss the sale of your business.

Corporate law is a different than business law. Business law mainly deals with contracts and disputes. Corporate law focuses on business formation documents, partnership agreements, articles of incorporation documents, business plans, DBA registration, and employment law.

Joint ventures are when more than one party seeks the development of a single enterprise. Each party assumes risk in the venture, which is why it is important to have a contract in place. Contact us today to discuss the benefits of creating a joint venture agreement.

Family businesses offer much joy and some challenges. Navigating contracts, succession planning, family dynamics, and more is a sensitive thing. Having a family business attorney who will look the picture as a whole and offer an outside perspective with experience advice is priceless. Contact us today to discuss the unique circumstances of your family business.



Planning for your legacy and your dependent’s future is a tough topic. However, it’s a necessary process to ensure a smooth transition of your financial assets, medical wishes and legal guardians.

A Will is legal document which provides direction for your assets and can appoint guardians for your minor children. Wills have many benefits and are a great for communicating your wishes upon your death. However, a Will does not ensure avoiding probate. Call us today to discuss why probate may still happen, even if you have a Will.

There are four different types of trusts: living, testamentary, revocable, and irrevocable. Knowing what type of trust is best for you is based on your personal circumstances. Call us to talk with an experienced attorney to discuss the differences and determine your ideal plan.

A health care directive is similar to a living will, but it may not include specific instructions. It is a legal document which provides directions for your medical care in the event you cannot communicate for yourself. Choosing a person to carry out your health care directive should be a well thought out process and isn’t always an easy decision. While it may seem like a spouse or significant other is the obvious choice, they may not want and/or be the best person. Let us help you through the journey of deciding and creating the documents to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Generally a Durable Power of Attorney is used designated to carry out the financial plans upon your death. It can include health care directives as well, but sometimes it is best to separate the financial and health care issues. The Power of Attorney can manage financial items such as property, taxes, investments, bill payments, revenue collections and more.

Similar to a health care directive or healthcare power of attorney, a living will is designed to give specific directions in the event you cannot represent yourself in a medical situation. This is not limited to terminal illness but includes other health situations. It is very important to have specific directions and desires listed for a Living Will.

It is very important to have your beneficiaries in place. This allows the transfer of assets to individuals regardless of the terms of your Will. It can help avoid probate. Oftentimes beneficiaries are in place for assets such as life insurance, however, there are other areas where this can be an effective tool to transfer an asset seamlessly. Call us today to discuss the possibilities.


“The only true law is that which leads to freedom.”

We take pride in the relationships we have with our clients. Getting to know your personal circumstances is key to developing business solutions & legacy planning. We’re here. We listen. We advocate.

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My career as an attorney began with Hall & Byers, which then merged with Gray, Plant, Mooty in St. Cloud. There I gained valuable experience in business law, mergers & acquisitions and tax law. I furthered my career working at Stinson Leonard Street, which then merged with Moss & Barnett. In 2021, I decided to go independent and start Syverson PLLC. I’m excited to continue to offer legal services in Central Minnesota.


When you’re first starting your business, deciding which type of business your business will be is a critical step. From there, a business lawyer creates corporate documents, files paperwork with the state and registering your business are needed steps to a strong foundation. As you develop and grow your business a lawyer can assist you with contract review, contract development, NDA, compliance and more.

Many factors go into business succession planning. Some of the more common items of succession planning include buy/sell agreements, business valuation, life insurance, cross-purchase agreements, entity-purchase agreements, and power of attorney agreements. Whether you are planning on selling your business, giving it to a family member or close the business it is important for you to start a plan today.

That depends on many factors. You may be able to handle all of your asset transfer through beneficiary designations. It depends on many factors and your financial situation. A will is basically directions for probate, so having one doesn’t avoid probate. However, they great for custody and direction of your estate. A trust should be put in place if you’d like to avoid probate, pay as little tax as possible upon your death and manage your legacy after you are gone.

A business mediator is a neutral third party who helps the other parties resolve a dispute. Using a mediator is a much less expensive option and oftentimes has quicker results than trying a case through the legal system. The mediator is not emotionally invested in the case, so will focus on the facts and do their best to negotiate a resolution that is fair to all parties involved.